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PO Box 76391

Lynnwood Ridge                                                                                                                                               

Gauteng - 0040
South Africa

Contact Us:
Glenesta Botes
Tel no: 012 420 5220 / 5274
Fax no: 086 625 9132
MSN: 0600113966 (Talk to us on this number-Text)


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Trading Hours:

Monday - Thursday  //  8:00am - 16:00pm   

Friday                        //  8:00am - 15:00pm 

Saturday - Sunday   //  Closed                                                                                                                                                  Note:

We have opted to continue our services, working remotely but are available at office by appointment.

We are well positioned to maintain our tasks and will be striving to ensure a continued high standard of services.

We will be working remotely, effective from 20 March 2020, until further notice.

We do not have any access to our office landline phones. Please contact us on our email:

Thank you for understanding.

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